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The Private Degree Granting Institutions Association is committed to the exploration of innovations and best-practices in teaching and learning that have evolved out of the COVID-19 pandemic and are expected to have lasting impacts on the education sector moving forward. The conference is open to academics, students, education administrators, professionals, and industry stakeholders whose works are based on and can broaden our understanding of the conference theme: “Shaping the Future: Key Themes in Higher Education.”

Operations (OC) and Academic Committee (AC) Members

Learn more about the conference planning teams and contributing organizations in each of the tabs below.
PDGIA Organizing (Operations) Committee


  • Dr. Gregory Gerber, NYIT
  • Dr. Catherine Kang, Ascenda


  • Ali de Haan, Acsenda
  • Erica Franken, Yorkville U
  • Juliana de Matheus, City U
  • Ali de Haan, Ascenda
  • Maika Tshgimbalanga, City U
PDGIA Academic Committee


  • Dr. Thomas Gomes, Acsenda School of Management
  • Dr. Steve Roe, Alexander College


  • Seyed Amirmostafa Jourabchi, NYIT
  • Truman Spring, City University
  • Majid Makinejad - NYIT
  • Nahid Ghani, NYIT
  • Jason Mirzaei, Alexander College
  • Scott Romaniuk, Alexander College
  • Harleen Aggarwal, Western Community College
  • Nirmal Vasanth, Acsenda College
  • Hiran Roy, Farleigh Dickinson University
  • Montegomery Tugwete, University Canada West
  • Manish Kumar, Western Community College
  • Dhananjay Kshiragar, Western Community College
  • Sebastian Huebel, Alexander College
Our Sponsors
Member Organizations
  • PDGIA is a broad based group of long-standing private universities and colleges offering some 59 degrees in BC. Some offer 2-year masters degrees, a doctorate or 2-year associate degrees, and also 4-year bachelors degrees all in a wide array of program areas and specialization ranging from arts, to communications, to business, to education to counselling and technology, sciences, animation and film, and many others.

  • Our 17 members provide access to high quality post-secondary education for some populations that may be under-served with smaller classes and more individual attention than may otherwise be the case at larger schools. Classes range from 7-10 students to perhaps 30-40 or so, on the high side.

  • Many of our schools act as feeder schools to the public sector through formal or informal university transfer programs or articulation agreements where they benefit from motivated and academically prepared students.

  • PDGIA wants to work with government to align with the focus and priorities we know are there while expanding our program offerings, improving access to students, and broadening relationships with others in the sector to the benefit of all players. This meeting is a good first step in that direction and is certainly appreciated.

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